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August 29, 2012


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Check your entries and make sure they are here.

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11/17: Today is the absolute last-day to get an entry in. :D You have until I wake up tomorrow, at which point this closes for judging.
11/1: 5 people voted yes in the poll, so i WILL also be extending this another week on top of the hurricane extension. Show now ends on november 17th! no more extensions. :3
10/31, take 2: Extension used! The frankenstorm voting is still on. IF I get five yes votes, I will ALSO extend this deadline by another week, meaning the deadline is in 2 weeks and 3 days.
10/31: 3 days until official deadline, though I am thinking about extending it for a week due to frankenstorm. I put a poll on my front page, so vote if you have an opinion. IF I did extend it, that would not include the extension i offer to anyone, so someone could extend it for another week if they so chose.
10/15: a little less then 3 weeks till the deadline~
10/3: exactly one month until the deadline.
8/31, added titles to some of the dog stuff. I don't know if there are titles for hroses and preliminary searches did not indicate so. Racing, Protection, and SAR do not have titles for the dogs, because I couldn't find any info on SAR specific titles, and the protection and racing competetitions are pretty informal.
8/29, officially open and ready to go. :3

Grinning Cat Commune is celebrating it's diverse animal culture, and everyone else's, and we're doing it with a show! So, after some voting, we are pleased to bring you the good kind of Dog and Pony Show, with some extras.

Entries Deadline
Saturday, November 3rd.
Extension one used: deadline is Saturday, nov 17th.
Grading begins that sunday; you can submit right up until 12am EST.

Holy shit, a prize list! On a seperate entry, so that this one is.. slightly more concise?

1) Preregistration is NOT required, and entries will be taken right up until the deadline.
2) There can be a maximum of one extension, and anyone may ask for it.
3) Animals can be signed up for multiple events. However, each animal may only enter an event once (Which means you can only do one picture per animal for that event, not including any training pictures you attach)
4) People and kennels are allowed to enter as many animals in as many events as they want, they may also enter multiple animals in the same event.
5) You do not need a DA kennel or to be affiliated with a specific group to participate.
6) All animals participating/being graded must have reference sheets, and those refs must be linked on the artist comments of the entry picture.
7) All participating animals MUST be breeding age adults; otherwise, no restrictions. (Willing to make exceptions for this in sports where age would not be a detriment, but you will have to ask. No baby animals will be accepted in any sport.)
8) Entries must visually show the animal doing the sport it's entered in, regardless of how much of the animal is shown. Otherwise, no restrictions. A note- the things on the rubric are hwat you are graded on, but none of those aspects are required by the rules. Do as much or as little as you feel capable of. The point of this show is to exercise your artistic talent and to try new things, so while you do get more points for things like shading and backgrounds, they are NOT required.
9) IF you are trying for a bonus that involves drawing another entrant's characters, please arrange beforehand/get permission beforehand to draw that person's animals. It's probably a good idea when you submit your entries to also say whether you'd mind your animals drawn. For convenience, all GCC characters and animals are allowed to be used for these purposes.
10) unnatural animals and supernatural elements welcome, but none of these abilities may be used to help you have an advantage in events.
11) This one is so important I am going to bold it: check to make sure I have your entry. Your entry will be listed HERE, at the bottom of this journal, by sport. Check a few days after you've turned it in, and doublecheck at the end of this show. I have lost entries before, and the only way you know for sure that I have your entry somewhere ready to judge it is if it is listed here. Also, comment on THIS JOURNAL with your submissions and this journal ONLY.
12) If you have questions, ask them.
13) Drawing or writing your animal causing harm to another animal is insta disqualification for that animal (so be careful with your dog-aggressive dogs, and other such critters)

Whole-show bonus
To get the bonus points for the entire show, somehow incorporate a halloween theme. Be creative!

Other people's critters
A fair number of the bonuses involve drawing critters that you do not own. I did deliberately leave some sport options where that is NOT the case, so that there would be options for people who don't want to do that, and the bonuses are strictly optional. That said, I totally encourage you to draw partially for other people. AS mentioned in the rules, please get permission before drawing someone else's animals/people. GCC's animals and people are totally open, if you'd rather include that. You MAY NOT Draw random animals/people unless the bonus specifically says you may.

Links to the rosters that list GCC's animals are on my main page. For your convenience, here are some links that take you to those lists, albeit mirrors of them on my personal character database. The people roster does not have an equivilant here on DA; all others do.

People-… ; Horses-… ; Dogs-… ; cats-…

Mounted Archery
Really more of a contest for riders then horses, but oh well-- the horses still need to not shy. Any bow small enough to be used on horseback may be used. Any breed or kind of horse may be used. The rider does the course at a slow canter, and tries to hit targets that are spaced several strides apart.
:bulletgreen: Visuals: Roped off grass course; all targets are against a long shed, so that stray arrows are somewhat reduced in terms of danger. At time of competition, absolutely no one is allowed behind a rope line a few yards from the targets. The rider rides parallel to that line. Ground is grass, as it takes place in a field adjacent to the warehouse. Targets are people or bullseye shaped.
:bulletgreen: Weather: Cloudy skies and a light, light breeze, but nothing that should throw off your arrows
:bulletgreen: Bonus: Badass archer! Show an arrow in motion, and at least one previously hit target.
:bulletgreen: Addl. Rules:

Tent pegging
Sometimes a pre-joust, sometimes a competition in it's own right. Skill at arms! Any skill-at-arms game may be used-- run it by me first, if your'e not sure if it counts. Some examples- spear the lemon on posts, quintain tilting, capture a suspended ring on your lance, strike soft targets mounted on posts with a sword to have your slashes judged; hitting ground targets with a lance; etc. Any breed of horse may be used. Light armor recommended for both horse and rider, but not required, EXCEPT for the quintain tilt, which must be done in full joust armor.
:bulletgreen: Visuals: Takes place in the field adjacent to the one with mounted archery, the day after mounted archery. The field is divided into two joust lanes, seperated by ropes run through posts. The posts go along the lanes regularly, and things can be mounted on them, poles can be mounted on them and have things hung on them, etc. turf is grass.
:bulletgreen: Weather: Light rain, wind.
:bulletgreen: Bonus: Full metal pony! Show your horse in full joust armor OR Some other kind of special/fancy tack, so long as that tack does not restrict the horse's movement. Nordanner dragon tack is acceptable.
:bulletgreen: Addl. Rules:

The good ol' joust. Two riders run against each other on horseback and hit each other with lances. Hits that count are to the chest or head. Now, the joust is NOT the centerpiece of this competition, so it's not going to run how one would expect for a joust. You'll make a single entry (though armor refs can count as training images), and it will be judged the same way as the other sports. No rounds OOC (though IC there would be rounds and it would continue to elimination). I Will not be assigning you to a specific opponent or set of opponents, however, you are free to say you jousted against so and so (if you get so and so's permission first.) All of my riders and horses are available as joust opponents; they're the 'home team' so to speak.
:bulletgreen: Visuals: Takes place in the same field as tent pegging, later that same day. There is nothing in the wooden posts except for the rope that separates the jousting lanes.
:bulletgreen: Weather: rain has stopped, but the ground is somewhat muddy and the sky is overcast.
:bulletgreen: Bonus: Best Enemies! Draw yourself jousting against an opponent.
:bulletgreen: Addl. Rules:
- Winged horses may not participate in this event.
:bulletgreen: Home Team Refs:
ANY GCC horse and rider is open for this. Just a few reccomendations:
Horses: Lady Stark-; Mister Awesome- (may only be ridden by Siri Batar); Devil-; Winter-; Imagine-; Grand-; Singer-
Riders: Meg Ryan-; Siri Batar- ; Leslie fletcher-
Armor:  Colors: White & pink, Black and pink, Pink and purple, Lime green and uranium green, Dark blue and cyan; style 1-… / ; Style 2-

Everyone needs some horse dancing. Takes place the day after the joust.
:bulletgreen: Visuals: Due to heavy rain, this event is taking place in an indoor arena. It is a large square with a dirt floor. The front has tiered seating, and the judges are at the top of this area. The left side of the arena has large windows through which you can see the commune-- including it's storms. The walls of the arena are green, with base boards about the height of a horse's shoulders that are left natural wood color/texture. lighting is overhead.
:bulletgreen: Weather:  powerful thunderstorms outside, visible through the windows.
:bulletgreen: Bonus: Bad day for a dance! Draw the windows on the left side, with the storm visible through them.
:bulletgreen: Addl. Rules:

Show Jumping
Takes place the day after dressage.
:bulletgreen: Visuals: Outdoor arena; the floor is dirt, and is currently muddy from the storms that ran through the day and night before. fences are white |X|X| shaped fences. The arena is loosely circular. Jumps can look like whatever you want, but they all have poles that will fall when hit-- no solid jumps. a few of the jumps have some shallow puddles on the other end, from the rain. The outside of the arena is grassy.
:bulletgreen: Weather: Sunny, bright, and muddy.
:bulletgreen: Bonus: Nasty, nasty feet! The storms left the arena muddy, with a few pools of standing water, some on the other side of the jumps. Draw some of that mud and water in a mid-splatter action shot.
:bulletgreen: Addl. Rules:

Any style or cultural origin of trick riding may be used here. Costumes are allowed, provided they do not interfere with the movement of the horse or the rider. Vaulting, including team vaulting, is included in this. props are also allowed, provided they are required for the trick/do not make the trick easier. This may also cover the horse doing some tricks while being ridden.
:bulletgreen: Visuals: Takes place the day after show jumping- the ground has hardened again. Located in the field used for jousting, but the wooden posts and ropes have been removed.
:bulletgreen: Weather: Sunny and quite nice.
:bulletgreen: Bonus: Cultural pot-luck! Wear an outfit, horse and rider OR one or hte other, of the culture from which the trick you're preforming comes or was made famous by. If your trick is multicultural/has no specific origin, you may wear any costume, so long as it's not clothing you'd normally wear while riding.
:bulletgreen: Addl. Rules:

Any type of hunting trial can be included here-- pick based on your dog's personality/training/body type. Feel free to ask if you can do a specific hunting discipline. :3 included in this category is lure coursing as hunting (Which will be done in a field, rather then on a track, and not in a strait line), fox hunting, field dog, tracking, retrieving, pointing, earthdog, etc. No real animals will be used as prey in this event, with the exception of bird hunting, which will be conducted as a normal hunt. Judges will walk/ride with each pair; each pair will be judged individually and then graded against the other that evening.
:bulletgreen: Visuals: due to the number of events here, multiple locations and terrain will be used-- pick what terrain is most appropriate for the event and go with that. the lure coursing will specifically take place in a field with high grass, and the lure will be a false stuffed rabbit which will run in multiple directions on it's track. Dinner that day will include the birds the hunters landed.
:bulletgreen: Weather: Light rain
:bulletgreen: Bonus: Tricksy Hobbitses!
:bulletgreen: Addl. Rules:

Run doggies, run! Not limited by breed. All races will occur one after another on the same track. However, dogs will be raced based on body-type and average speed. There will be pre-race rounds to determine which body-type/class they should be competing in (so conceivably, an insanely fantastically super-duper-ly fast lab could be racing against greyhounds.) Class is determined by average speed of 3 rounds. For the sake of ease of drawing, this is going to break down mostly by body type, unless you decide your dog is an exception/ought to be racing against x breed instead. Otherwise, it's just a flat race. There will be a final just-for-fun race at the end where all the dogs will compete against each other, but the scores of that race will not be kept track of, and participation is optional.
:bulletgreen: Visuals: One of the horse arenas has been converted into a track. It's a round, dirt-floored arena, with grass on the outside, surrounded by a |X|X|X| fence. Wooden posts with ropes hung on them form an inner circle, so that hte track is ring shaped. There is no starting cage- there's a start line, where handlers hold their dogs until the whistle blows, and then dogs are released to run. Dogs do 3 laps, since the arena is smaller then an actual racetrack would be.
:bulletgreen: Weather: Cloudy, threatening rain.
:bulletgreen: Bonus: Neck to neck! Draw your competition. For this event, I will allow you to draw a random dog if there are no other dogs of similar body-type in GCC/the competition.
:bulletgreen: Addl. Rules:

Any series of commands being tested.
:bulletgreen: Visuals: Takes place in the same arena as the races, but the posts forming the middle ring have been removed, with it's posts and rope.
:bulletgreen: Weather: Sunny and warm.
:bulletgreen: Bonus: No Distractions! Draw a GCC animal/person or your competition watching you perform, but not distracting your dog.
:bulletgreen: Addl. Rules:

A beloved classic. Some of the residents of our commune will go hide in the woods, leaving a scent trail for your scenting dogs to follow. You will be given a piece of clothing from that person for the dog to get the scent from. As with the hunting trials, a judge will accompany you. No points for finding someone who isn't your target.
:bulletgreen: Visuals: Any terrain, since where people will walk will depend on who does the walking. Anything's possible, from the forest, to overgrown fields, to shrubbed areas, to buildings on campus.
:bulletgreen: Weather: Dark, threatening heavy rain-- but no rain yet.
:bulletgreen: Bonus: Found you! Draw your dog finding their volunteer. You may make up a random person if you'd rather not draw an established GCC resident.
:bulletgreen: Addl. Rules:

Protection Dog
Similar to schutzhund, but not entirely, this is an informal protection dog title. It consists of three stages. your dog must protect a person/place/object at your command. In the first stage, a person will approach the dog while it's protecting, without you present. Second, a different person will be introduced to your dog with you, and your dog must not show an aggressive response. Third, the person will approach again, without you present, and the dog must not show an aggressive response (OR, if this behavior has not been trained, then your dog must be commanded to no longer protect the person/place/object, at which point the person will approach, and the dog should not show an aggressive response).  You can choose what the dog is protecting (person, place, or object), but we provide the actual thing.
:bulletgreen: Visuals: This takes place in the same indoor arena as dressage-- look there for an example. The judges are in the stands, only the handler, volunteer and dog are in the arena at one time. Volunteer is always wearing a full-body padded suit.
:bulletgreen: Weather: Thunderstorm, visible in the windows if you choose to depict the windows.
:bulletgreen: Bonus: How do I feel about you today? Draw your dog reacting visibly to the volunteer. Volunteers may be any of the established residents of GCC, or a random person. It can be during any of the trials, so any reaction is fine, but the volunteer must be completely visible for these points to be received. (entries who are not seeking this bonus can just show the dog's reaction without the volunteer, or the dog with the place/object).
:bulletgreen: Addl. Rules:

Everyone's favorite relay race! Four dogs, one ball-dispensing machine, four hurdles. And go!
:bulletgreen: Visuals: Takes place in the field used for jousting. The two jousting lanes are up and active, and this is where the hurdles are placed. AT the end of each jousting lane is the ball machine.
:bulletgreen: Weather: Light rain
:bulletgreen: Bonus: One of us! Draw two or more other dogs-- this can be your competition, or the other dogs on your team.
:bulletgreen: Addl. Rules: four dogs per team.

Because there just aren't enough shows for things like cats, dogs, lions, tigers, bears, dragons.. you get my point. Any animal is welcome to compete in this section. No humanoids-- but otherwise, bring it on. if you have questions as to what constitutes an animal, feel free to ask.

Everything you can do...
Your choice of any of the sports assigned to dogs or horses in this show. Look in that sport's section for all relevant information. :3

And everything else, too.
If you don't want to enter your animal in one of the sports assigned to horses and dogs, then that's okay! Here's where you can have your animal performing any sport it's capable of. IT also doesn't need to be a sport-- have an animal that can do something that other animals can't? That would qualify for here too. Shows of natural strange ability and/or tricks are acceptable here. It's kind of an open-ended, strange critter talent show. Less-then-strange critters who are not showcased in this show are also welcome here-- cats, lizards, what have you. Just no conformation contests, please.
:bulletgreen: Visuals: Any terrain which might be appropriate to what you are doing.
:bulletgreen: Weather: Cloudy, occasional drizzle.
:bulletgreen: Bonus: You have an audience! Show one of your competator's animals/people or a GCC animal/person watching your critter do it's thang.
:bulletgreen: Addl. Rules: No abilities or tricks that would cause grevious bodily or psychological harm, maiming, death, or serious property damage.

The rubric has it's own journal now! Check this out for how you are graded.

Unless you specifically request it otherwise at the same time as you submit your entry, the rubric will be posted publicly, either in response to your entry comment or on the deviation itself.

Tie breakers will be done with RNG.

Note, explicitly graded on effort and presence of elements in a recognizable fashion-- i.e, background, etc. NOT graded on composition or any aspect of formal art, i.e. "how good it is." Those artists who take more time and effort (by adding a background, shading, etc) WILL be rewarded, point wise. However, none of those elements are explicitly required unless demanded by the rules.
I explicitly want it that every single participant has a chance to win, depending on how much work they put into their picture.
This is also because one person's good art is another person's garbage, and I certainly have biases. I want this contest accessible to all styles.

:bulletred::bulletred: make absolutely sure you check here for your entries. If your entry is not here, I have not gotten it/put it up here for grading. :bulletred::bulletred:

Joltivot Hunt by stormtime

Khieris Hunt by stormtime

Harlequin Hunt by stormtime

Hazel: GCDP+ Show Obedience Bring It by PaintedCricket

GCC D+ P+ Obedience - Pentacle by MidnightAyaChan

GCC D+ P+ Obedience - Fauna by MidnightAyaChan

Protection Dog

Caramel Fyballin' by Nako

GCC D+ P+ Flyball by MidnightAyaChan

Hunting You Down by swagstag…

Maitland - SAR - Dog and Pony Show by tuketi

Found You! by BlueLadyAces

Mounted Archery
:thumb327711446: :thumb325802798: (Training)

Mister Darcy vs Imagine by bovidaeloony

Tent Pegging
Lemon-Sticking by bovidaeloony

The Weather Outside is Frightful... by BlueLadyAces

Show Jumping
Show Jumping Entry for Nessyo's Show by MynachStables

GCC D+ P+ Show Jumping by MidnightAyaChan

Trick Riding

Everything you can do...
Trick: GCDP+ Show Hunt by PaintedCricket

Silver: GCDP+ Show Hunt by PaintedCricket

Sit and Stay and Lie Down! by BlueLadyAces

And Everything else, too.

Grading Journal, where all the rubrics will be filled out.
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I was really dumb and forgot to ask for an age exception since I forgot that two of the dogs on the team are not of breeding age (one recently got switched out for a younger dog). x_x I didn't even think we'd have the entry done since she sent me the lines last minute. I hope you'll accept them in. I did some research and all I could find is that all dogs need to be at least 1 year old (which all 4 dogs on my team are). :c
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